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RCI’s Objectives

  • To build a community of recovery coaches.
  • To educate coaches, mental health professionals, and the addiction recovery community about Recovery Coaching.
  • To provide ongoing support and resources to members of Recovery Coaches International (RCI).
  • To further the interests of those in or seeking recovery from addiction.

RCI Board of Directors, 2016 Officers

Cali Estes,
Beverly Buncher,

2016 Board of Directors 
President - Cali Estes
Vice President - Vacant
Treasurer -Vacant
Secretary -Beverly Buncher
Jacob "Jake" Jansen, at-large
Rebecca Smith, Website
Laurie Fear, at-large

 Past Presidents 
2009 Jan Brown, ACC
2010 Doreen Cardwell, MCC
2011 Catherine Campaigne, ACC
2012 Linda Waller/Melissa Killeen
2013 Ashley Phillips
2014 Fred Haas
2015 Fred Haas

Volunteer for Recovery Coaches International

Recovery Coaches International is a nonprofit organization, and as such we are always on the lookout for people in all walks of life who support recovery and the benefits of Recovery Coaching. We invite you to become a part of the mission of RCI and Recovery Coaches. If you or someone you know is interested in serving on our Board of Directors, a committee, or simply helping RCI continue to grow into a vital, meaningful organization that helps recovering addicts and their families, please contact our RCI Board President or another Board Member for more information or to volunteer. Thank you!

Recovery Coaches International